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The sexiest cirque show outside of Vegas

Laura M Morales  


My fiancé and I went to their Savannah, GA performance and it was incredible!

The cast is extremely talented and put their hearts into each performance.

The shows acts are tastefully done and choreographed. If you’re looking for a uniquely fun experience this show is for you!

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Samantha Siren  recommends Infamous The Show.


#1 SHOW… AMAZING! I’ve seen every circus that has come to Savannah in the past few years and this is easily **THE BEST!** They have the most comfortable seats I’ve experienced in a circus and every single act is top tier. Beautiful set-up too, they pay attention to every last detail.

It’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s the perfect night out! There’s only 1 weekend left and you simply don’t want to miss it!


Experience an Infamous pairing of circus & cabaret under the bigtop!

What sets Infamous The Show apart is its intimate Spiegeltent setting nestled snuggly within the expansive embrace of a big top tent. This innovative combination creates an atmosphere that's both cozy and awe-inspiring, giving you the best of both entertainment realms.

As you step inside the enchanting Spiegeltent, you're transported to a bygone era of elegance and charm. The traditionally decorated interiors and mirrors create an intimate ambiance that draws you into the heart of the performance. It's an invitation to connect with the artists on a personal level, as the proximity to the stage ensures that every gasp, every sigh, and every exhilarating moment is felt in your bones. 

Although intimate, the stage is big enough to hold a Wheel of Death and aerial acts can fly freely over the top of the VIP floor seats. This transition from cozy intimacy to vast spectacle is a breathtaking journey in itself, a journey that only "Infamous" can offer.

"Infamous" masterfully intertwines these contrasting elements, giving you the chance to experience circus and cabaret in a way that's truly unparalleled. You're not just a spectator; you're a participant in this unique fusion of styles and atmospheres.


Infamous promises an immersive adventure that's as intimate as it is breathtakingly grand, we bring the excitement of circus to life with sexy numbers, live singing, world-class specialty acts, naughty comedy, and jaw-dropping stunts. From the thrilling Wheel of Death to the mesmerizing flying trapeze and a talented array of aerial acts, our show is guaranteed to leave you in awe.


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