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Who's behind Infamous?

Joseph Ashton

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The Ashton Dynasty

Circus since the 1800's

The Ashton Circus family is a renowned Australian circus dynasty that has been entertaining audiences for over 160 years. The family was founded by James Henry Ashton, who was born in England in 1828 and came to Australia in the 1850s to seek his fortune during the gold rush.

Ashton began his career as a traveling showman, performing in a variety of venues across Australia. He eventually formed his own circus company, which he passed down to his sons, who continued to expand and develop the family business.

Over the years, the Ashton Circus has become one of the most respected and beloved circus companies in Australia, known for its high-quality performances and innovative acts. The family has produced numerous famous performers, including Joseph Ashton, who is one of the most acclaimed acrobats and aerialists of his generation.

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